$50 Gift Certificate - Buy One Today

$50 Gift Certificate - Buy One Today


Whether you are buying a gift card for yourself or someone else, a Shikarnya Gift Card is a fantastic idea for someone that you know that would really appetite a day of pampering

*We will send you a physical voucher to the value of the package. It is your responsibility to follow up with us if you do not receive it in two weeks from purchase.

*Each Voucher has a code for our records, to ensure we have the correct value remanding and customer details 

*You must present this voucher or proof of purchase to redeem its value

*Please take note of the date you purchase. Your voucher is only valid for 12 months from purchase

*Voucher is to be treated as cash and cannot be replaced if lost.

*If there is credit left after using this voucher, it will be given on a new voucher to redeem at your next visit.