Anti Hair Loss - It’s all about freedom of choice. Whether to give in to progressive thinning of the hair, or react right away. 

LC Anti-Hair Loss* stimulates new growth, reinforces the anchorage of the hair to the scalp and lengthens the hair’s lifespan.

Anti Dandruff - The secret behind this treatment is the combined action of Myrrh, Piroctone olamine and Salicylic acid, which limit bacterial proliferation and scaling of the scalp and reduce the quantity of micro-organisms  responsible for itching.

Nourishment for Hair - Properly nourished hair stands out right away. Nutrisubstance deep nourishes and hydrates the hair and protects it from the action of free radicals. To make hair look healthy and shiny.

Straightening - The filmogenous, anti-frizz, structuring properties of the active ingredients it contains allow it to facilitate hold in straight hair styles, while strengthening and moisturising the hair, leaving it soft, radiant and easy to comb.

A restorative treatment that protects hair during exposure to the sun and regenerating it straight after. Contains natural extracts of Myrtle, Liquorice and Amino Concentrée complex, which stop the drying, bleaching effects of UV rays,

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Men's Hair Style & Anti Hair Loss - A male anti-hair loss* program that stimulates new growth, reinforces the anchorage of the hair and lengthens its lifespan thanks to a pool of active ingredients of plant origin.

So grow it back...

Se bum-Balancing - The equilibrium of the scalp is a goal to be conquered day by day with Requilibre, a sebum-balancing* program that gently but decisively dissolves excess sebum, soothes itching and leaves the scalp deeply purified.

Reconstruction - ß-Refibre regenerates and reinforces the hair cuticle, while protecting the hair against damage caused by dehydration and ageing and by chemical agents and environmental factors.

Curly Hair - Gives curly hair great bounce and compacts scales. The antioxidant and revitalising properties of its active ingredients regenerate, reinforce and intensely moisturise the hair shaft, giving it radiance, softness and compatibility.

Shine Addiction - Shiny and glossy hair reflects light, and its splendour attracts attention. Considered a sign of beauty, our hair represents who we are, and is one of the first things people notice and remember about us.

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Men's Shaving Products - First thing a man cares about in the morning: a well done shaving. Wether he likes a perfectly trimmed beard or prefers a clean face, this is the ideal partner to the exclusive concentrate of vegetal active ingredients.

Calming & Soothing - Formulated to restore the skin’s natural equilibrium and alleviate irritation and reddening. The soothing, revitalising properties of the active ingredients of plant origin in the formula make it a precious resource.

Body & Volume - Acts on the hair as if constructing a building, starting at the roots and working up to the tips: the secret is balancing the level of moisture in the hair fibre to obtain a full-bodied hair shaft.

Colour Protection -  Is a special colour protection* programme to help maintain the shine of freshly coloured hair, keeping colour bright, radiant and vibrant. Its antioxidant properties fight free radicals to slow down ageing of the hair fibre.

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